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Captain's Cup Update

Author: Simon, 01/01/18

Captain's Cup Update

The Captain's Cup standings from all cards received on 01/01/18 are:

Premier Division:  White Lion 12, BVC 7, Clevedon CCB 7, Ruckers 7, Airport Tavern 6, Century Club 4, The Grove 4, Blagdon Club 4, The Tourists 3, Salthouse B 2, Ring o Bells A 1, Railway Sleepers 1.

1st Division:  Sawyers B 7, Wreckers 7, Ring o Bells B 6, Market B 6, Warrens 5, Firebox 4, Market A 3, Old Inn Rebels 2, The Brewers 2, Yatton Arrows 1, Sawyers A 1.

Some cards did not have the result stated, othersd have not yet been received.




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